Dealer Support

Leasing 2 has over 20 years of experience supporting the unique requirements of fire truck, ambulance, and fire equipment dealers in the United States. You need a high level of service and Leasing 2 is uniquely equipped to provide it. We offer:

  • Fast Proposals – While we are careful to accommodate your needs whatever they are, our target proposal turnaround is 1-2 hours and only take more time when it helps your cause.
  • Proposal Options:
    1. Estimates: We offer an online payment estimator for the planning and budgeting phase of the sales cycle. The Estimator adjusts pricing based on the  type of equipment, size of loan, and lease term.
    2. Final: Anytime your customer is close to a decision, we recommend working directly with us. After a brief phone conversation with you, we will forward you a proposal with aggressive rates and a custom structure. This will give you a competitive advantage with financing. These proposals can be solicited from us with a phone call, email, or our online proposal tool.
  • Strategic Proposals – We bring over 50 years combined experience in financing to bear on our proposals.
  • We Do The Work – We do not expect our referring dealers to facilitate the financing effort. We do the work so you can concentrate on your next sale!
  • Payment – Our experience allows us to process financing applications promptly. We normally fund your invoice the same day of delivery.

Manufacturer Programs

Leasing 2 is the industry leader in providing private labeled leasing programs to Fire and EMS Manufacturers. In the current economic climate, the need for financing assistance to place orders is common and your customers look to you for ideas. Providing private label financing solutions enhances your brand and sets you apart as an industry leader. Leverage our experience and market knowledge to meet the financing requirements of your customers. We currently have multiple programs in place and would welcome an opportunity to learn about your objectives in this area.

Give us a call at 813-258-9888.  We look forward to learning about your business and discussing the possibility of working together.