2018 Fire and EMS Conferences

September 12-15
Indiana Emergency Response Conference
Indianapolis, IN

September 13-15
Michigan Firemen’s Memorial Festival
Roscommon, MI

September 14-15
New Jersey Firemen’s Convention
Wildwood, NJ

September 24-26
F.I.E.R.O. Fire Station Symposium
Raleigh, NC

September 25-28
FAMA/FEMSA Fall Meeting
Austin, TX

October 11-14
Association of Fire Districts of New York Leadership Summit and Vendor Expo
Saratoga, NY

October 9-12
Texas Municipal League Conference
Fort Worth, TX

October 10-13
Minnesota Fire Chiefs Annual Conference
St. Paul, MN

October 14-17
Illinois Fire Chiefs Annual Conference
Peoria, IL

October 16-20
Firehouse Expo
Nashville, TN

October 23-26
Colorado Fire Leadership Challenge
Keystone, CO

October 29 – November 2
EMS World Expo
Nashville, TN

November 5-8
Fire Shows West Conference & Expo
Reno, NV

November 18-21
Texas EMS Conference
Fort Worth, TX

December Date TBA
Mississippi Fire Chiefs Mid-Winter Conf.
Starkville, MS

2019 Upcoming Fire and EMS Conferences

January 20-24
FDSOA – Annual Apparatus Symposium
Orlando, FL

January Date TBA
FFCA Fire Rescue East
Daytona Beach, FL

January Date TBA
Piedmont Fire Expo
Winston-Salem, NC

February 2-4
Missouri Winter Fire School and Expo
Columbia, MO

February Date TBA
Tennessee Fire Chiefs Winter Conference
Jackson, TN

February Date TBA
Long Island Fire Rescue and EMS Mega Show
Brentwood, NY

February Date TBA
FAMA Spring Meeting
Coronado Island, CA

February 20-22
EMS Today
National Harbor, MD

February 20-24
Virginia Fire Chiefs Fire Rescue Conference
Virginia Beach, VA

March Date TBA
Firehouse World – West
Los Angeles, CA

March Date TBA
Pittsburgh Fire Rescue & EMS Expo
Monroeville, PA

April Date TBA
Tennessee Fire Chiefs Spring Conference
Gatlinburg, TN

April 8-13
Indianapolis, IN

May 2-4
Association of Fire Districts of New York – Annual Conference
Albany, NY

May 2-4
IAFC – VCOS Symposium in the West
Phoenix, AZ

May Date TBA
Northwest Fire & Rescue Expo
Portland, OR

May 17-19
Lancaster County Firemen’s Assoc. Fire Expo
Harrisburg, PA

May Date TBA
Mississippi Fire Chiefs and Firefighters Conference
Gulfport, MS

June Date TBA
South Carolina Fire Rescue
Columbia, SC

June Date TBA
New York State Fire Chiefs’ Fire Expo
Verona, NY

June Date TBA
Maryland State Firemen’s Assoc. Convention
Ocean City, MD

June Date TBA
Wisconsin State Fire Chiefs Assoc. Conference
Wisconsin Dells, WI

June Date TBA
Texas State Firemen’s & Fire Marshals’ Conference
Arlington, TX

June Date TBA
New England Assoc. of Fire Chiefs Conference
Mashantucket, CT

June Date TBA
Southeastern Assoc. of Fire Chiefs Conference
Montgomery, AL

July Date TBA
Arizona Fire Chiefs AFCA/AFDA Joint Conference
Glendale, AZ

July Date TBA
Ohio Fire & Rescue Officer Development Conference
Columbus, Ohio

July Date TBA
Missouri Valley Division of IAFC Conference
Davenport, IA

July Date TBA
Louisiana State Firemen’s Assoc. Conference
Shreveport, LA

July Date TBA
Texas A & M Municipal Fire School & Vendor Show
Texas A & M

July Date TBA
Tennessee Fire Chiefs Annual Conference
Murfreesboro, TN

July Date TBA
Kentucky Firefighters Assoc. Conference
Louisville, KY

August Date TBA
Fire Rescue International (I-Chiefs)
Dallas, TX

August Date TBA
South Atlantic Fire Rescue Conference & Expo
Raleigh, NC

August Date TBA
Georgia State Firefighter’s Assoc. Fire Service Conference
Dalton, GA