Summary of the Financing Process

1. The Proposal
During the proposal stage we ask questions to learn about your department, we listen to your objectives, and where helpful, we make suggestions based on over 25 years of financing fire trucks, ambulances and equipment. We then email or fax a proposal that outlines structure, pricing, and terms of our financing solutions, for your consideration.

2. The Award
Once you are satisfied with the financing proposal, it is signed and faxed or emailed back to us and we begin processing the financing paperwork. Upon receipt of your award, we will email you our application that highlights exactly what is needed. We normally receive a completed application along with 2-3 years of financial reports.

3. Credit Approval
When we receive your credit package we begin our underwriting process. Underwriting normally takes 1 – 5 working days depending on the loan size. We have extensive experience working with cities, counties, fire districts and volunteer fire and rescue departments and know what it takes to accomplish credit approval quickly and smoothly.

4. Lease Contract
Upon receiving credit approval, we email you our lease contract to review and execute.

5. Closing
Once the credit is approved and the lease contract is fully executed and returned, we move to closing. The entire process from award to closing can take as little as 1 week but averages 3 to 4 weeks. We can move as fast as you need us to. Once closed, the lease proceeds are available to pay vendors immediately or can be held in escrow to facilitate multiple vendor payments or multiple deliveries.

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